How can you do cost-friendly roof maintenance in Tampa, FL?

Hurricanes, intense sun, and heavy rain generally mean that roof maintenance is not cost-friendly in Tampa, FL. However, certain routines will help you keep your roof in the best conditions and reduce your overall repair budget. Even better: most of these are DIY roofing tips you can do in Tampa by using cheap roofing materials from our Tampa and Kissimmee locations.

6 cost-friendly roof maintenance tips in Tampa, FL

General inspection

A visual, from-the-ground inspection will be your best ally. You can do this twice a year and after heavy weather. Take your time with this task because it is an essential step to keep your roof in good shape. Here are some of the common problems you might come across with:

  • Curling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked shingles
  • Damaged drip edge
  • Loose, buckling, or missing flashing
  • Piles of granules
  • Broken gutters

These are red flags that need to be taken care of quickly. KRS has your back with our top-quality roofing supply in Tampa, FL, and our roofing partners are ready to help you with the necessary repairs.

Trim your trees and throw the moss away

You cannot allow yourself to have tree branches falling on your roof and breaking your shingles or moss hanging around. Overhanging tree limbs might cause damage to your shingles when you have bad weather, and moss can affect your shingles too due to humidity and growing roots. Getting ready to trim and wash your shingles is one of the best DIY roofing tips you can follow in Tampa.

Think of insulation

Insulation is another basic. It keeps moisture away when it is properly installed, which means better conditions for your roofing materials. Thus, it is a basic cost-friendly roof maintenance procedure in Tampa. A solid inspection can stop ice dams and give you protection against moss growth.

Watch out for leaks!

Water is the worst enemy of your roof. It can slowly rot your roof, and sometimes you will only notice it when it is too late and you need to change your whole roof. Don’t wait: pay attention to water stains on the ceiling and attic, damp exterior walls, distended patches on your interior walls, and try to detect musty odors. If you find any leaks that need repairing, KRS Roofing Supply has unbeaten prices among roofing materials wholesales in Tampa, FL.

Go to a professional

Especially after the hurricane season, it is a good practice to have a professional inspect your roof, especially if you have already noticed some of the signs mentioned above. An inspector will spot problems you might’ve not seen and give you additional tips. An inspection every two years might end up saving you a lot of money spent on a whole new roof.

Clean your gutters

Yes, we know this is a dirty job, but no DIY roofing tips list for Tampa, where we have heavy rains every year, would be complete without this. Cleaning your gutters is essential to maintain your roof in good condition. Clogged gutters help water seep under your roof, which can end up spending a ton of money on roof repairs or even replacement. It is good to clean them at least twice a year, before and after the rainy season.

All these tips will help you improve your roof’s lifespan, and we’re here to help you. Need a roofing supply near Tampa? Give us a call at 786-498-1682/407-535-0970 or stop by 6409 N 50th St. Tampa.