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Driven by our passion to serve the local community, KRS Roofing Supply opened its doors in 2019 in Kissimmee, FL. We have built a great team and we pride ourselves on being the best roofing supplier in all of Kissimmee. We provide a wide variety of asphalt shingles (wrapped and unwrapped) in a selection of brands and colors as well as metal roofing accessories, fasteners, plywood and underlayment products. We are a one stop shop for any residential and commercial roofing project. 

Our quick and effective services, the quality of our products and our competitive pricing is what sets us apart from the competition. We are continuously improving our offerings and listening to our customer requests. Our success can be seen in our high customer retention rates and our record of positive reviews in social media sites such as Google and Facebook. 

We are waiting for you to do our best by serving your needs.

Our Mission

Or mission is to support contractors, roofing and building professionals and owners of any roofing project in the state of Florida by offering high quality roofing materials at a variety of brands, colors and designs at competitive prices. Our principles are:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Respect amongst all members of the team as well as complying with safety regulations
  • Order and cleanliness of our inventory and our spaces
  • Attentive customer service

Through this, achieving the satisfaction of our customers and seeking success in their projects.


By staying true to our mission on a daily basis, our vision is to become the largest supplier of roofing materials in Florida and be recognized for keeping the totality of our great team and customers completely satisfied.

Pricing & Plans

Your budget is as important to us as it is to you, which is why we have the most accessible and flexible pricing plans, available for your convenience

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