What can you do to protect your roof against hurricanes in Tampa, FL?

You cannot take the luxury of leaving your roof unprotected just because this year’s hurricane season doesn’t seem to be too harsh. Protecting your roof against hurricanes in Tampa is a need every year, and it’s all about prevention more than anything else.

After all, your roof is the primary protection against the wilderness. No roof, no home. Leaving your roof unprotected amid a strong hurricane season might end up having serious consequences and being at the mercy of your insurer. 

And by following just a few tips and maybe acquiring some roofing protection materials in our store in Tampa, you can feel much more protected against hurricane season.

When is hurricane season in Florida, and what damage can a hurricane cause?

The official hurricane season in Florida goes from June 1st to November 30th, with a peak from mid-August to October.

A Category 1 hurricane can come with 95 mph winds, which can cause serious damage to your roof. A Category 3 storm can uproot trees and blow shingles or even whole roofs from buildings.

Where to start to protect your roof against hurricanes in Tampa?

Make a general inspection

Your roof is the essential part of your house amid a storm. If it holds up, your house holds up. If not, you’re closer to a tragedy.

Check out for missing shingles or tiles and check ones that might be wearing out. Also, you cannot wait until leaks are huge to fix them. Storms can come relatively unexpectedly, and you don’t want to leave your roof unprotected during a storm. A harsh storm can intensify existing leaks in a matter of hours.

Schedule a professional inspection

You must schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year in a hurricane-prone area like Tampa. Having a roofing contractor with the best roofing supply in Tampa will help you see if there are no problems with your roof or solve the existing ones.

In fact, if you want to be entirely sure and can afford it, it’s good to have a roofing inspection before the hurricane season and one after the season to analyze the damage your roof suffered.

What will the contractor do?

  • See if there are rips or holes in the membrane
  • Ensure flashings are attached and sealed.
  • Check that roof penetrations for mounted equipment are sealed.
  • Guarantee that gutters and downspouts are attached and flowing properly.

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