What are the pros and cons of synthetic shingles?

If you’re googling “roofing materials near me,” you know that one of the main decisions when replacing your roof is choosing the best roofing material. If you’re a contractor, the installation cost and the quality of the roof pretty much depend precisely on this.

One of the main options is a composite roof. Here, we will make a comparison between synthetic and other shingles for roof installing, evaluating the pros and cons of synthetic shingles.

Pros and cons of synthetic shingles


  • Composites shingles are good for the environment

The roofing industry has developed composite shingles because they’re generally more eco-friendly as they are made of recycled rubber and plastic.

  • Composite shingles look exactly like slate or cedar shake roofs

This is one of the main reasons why many people look for composite shingles: they look like cedar shake but are not as expensive. They are generally modeled from slate, have grain patterns, and chisel marks to make it look like a hand-crafted shingle. As one of the best roofing suppliers in Tampa, FL, we know that many of our contractors look for composite shingles because they are one of the top options in the market.

Of course, if you compare synthetic and other shingles for roof installing, you might tell the difference if you work in the industry. However, it’s almost impossible for the naked eye to distinguish between them.

  • Synthetic shingles are affordable

Real cedar shake or slate roofs are quite expensive, whereas composite shingles are more affordable, give you almost the exact same look, and are also as durable (more on that ahead). They cost about half of what a real cedar shake or slate roof might cost.

Moreover, installing a real slate roof means you generally need to retrofit your home to avoid your roof from caving in. 

  • Composite shingles are durable

You might be as environmentally conscious as Greta Thurnberg, but would you buy a composite shingle if it’s not going to last? It’s quite unlikely. But composite shingles are not only eco-friendly but are as sturdy as an old Nokia phone. You can hit them with a hammer and it will bounce back and they don’t crack like cedar shakes.

This is essential in a state like Florida, where one of the main reasons for roof repairs and replacement and debris hitting your roof during storms and hurricanes. Thus, composite shingles are considered one of the roofing materials with the best durability, as they can last as long as 40-50 years of they are installed correctly.


  • They are still more expensive than a regular shingle

To be sure, when compared with cedar shake roofs, they cost less. But they cannot be considered the most affordable shingles in the market, as they will cost more than asphalt shingles. It’s hard to tell the price of a new composite roof, but it will cost around $10-$12 per square foot, but it can even cost about $20 if you add metal accents or similar upgrades.

  • They are newer to the roofing industry

While this might not seem like a big deal, there are some things yet unknown about these shingles. Therefore, they usually come with a limited warranty.

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