Roofing might be challenging after a storm damages your home. No matter how many preventive measures take, when a hurricane comes, everything is possible. After assessing the situation, is important to contact expert roofers to speed up the damage repair. At KRS roofing supply we understand the great impact this scenario can have on homeowners, that is why we bring you a guide that will help you get through this process.


Strong wings and rain can cause serious damage to your house
New Orleans, LA–Aerial views of damage caused from Hurricane Katrina the day after the hurricane hit August 30, 2005. Photo by Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA

You home’s roof is exposed to all types of weather conditions throughout the year. From strong winds to rain and snowfall, this cumulative effect can take its toll.  The seasonal demands can be overwhelming but nothing compares to the damage a Hurricane can produce.

The destructive power of these storms causes serious problems to your house. If you were able to endure it, the next step is to assess the harm. Hurricanes bring strong winds that can deteriorate or lift off your shingles, and in many cases, tree branches can fall onto your roof making things worse. As a result, your roof can start leaking when the next rainstorm comes.  

Most roofing issues derive from rain. Excessive amounts of water can affect the building structure. If it had previous damage, rain will only magnify them. Leaks, mold, and rot are signs that your roof needs work done.

There are other indicators that you should look for when inspecting your roof after a Hurricane. Pay attention to missing flashing, holes, pealing sealant, wet walls, and missing shingles. Expert roofers are available in KRS roofing supply to help you with these tasks. It is important to take action once you have detected all of the problems caused by the storm.


A solid foundation will protect your house

Roof failure is one of the most dreaded scenarios for homeowners. A hurricane loss of this magnitude occurs because winds enter the structure of the building and lift the roof from the walls. A solid foundation that holds it is necessary to prevent this type of problem. Strong structural walls and deck, reinforcement of gable roofs, and covering of vents are some of the features a roof should have in order to withstand extreme climate conditions.


Building requirements have been established in coastal states to prevent hurricane damage. These codes are different from other areas of the country and tend to be stricter. Florida is in this group, and roofers have to follow its guidelines in order to repair or replace a damaged roof. The codes contain information about specific installation techniques, conditions, and materials. High-Velocity Hurricane zones have unique codes created to protect buildings from storms.

A reliable roofing company will know these codes in order to provide the best service to cater the roof storm damages. Licensed roofing contractors are prepared to handle these situations and will offer a warranty for their work. They will give feedback to homeowners after the hurricane passes and help you select the ideal roofing materials. Beware of dishonest roofers looking for opportunities to scam. They take advantage of the chaos, offering false solutions can and charging you in advance.


You might not be the only one who has suffered loss after Hurricanes. The devastation they cause affects hundreds of people each year. After the initial shock, taking action to solve the roof damage is essential to ensure your wellbeing. Following the inspection, getting in touch with your insurance company is a must.

Make sure your policy covers damage from harsh weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Usually, these companies cover problems caused by reasons outside of the owner’s control, such as wind, hail, and rain damage, or vandalism. The age of the roof and the area where you live are also taken into consideration when estimating the coverage

The next step is filing a claim explaining all the damages that took place because of the hurricane. Don’t procrastinate this task, since claims can take a while to be issued. Go over the policies with your insurance provider and don’t forget to keep your receipts from previous jobs done on your roof, as these expenses can be submitted as well.


Our expert roofers will help you repair your rooftop

Roofing After a hurricane can be daunting. You have to deal with the roof storm damages and the difficult negotiations with insurance companies. We can help you handle this at KRS roofing supply. Our expert roofers will guide you through the selection of the ideal roofing material, from the underlayment to the type of shingles that best suits your house. We will take care of your home as if it was our own. Visit our Facebook page and our Instagram account to learn more about our services.

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