Roof leaks are one of the most dreaded problems homeowners have to face. They can cause great damage in no time. If this situation is happening to you maybe it is time to inspect your house thoroughly and decide what actions need to be taken. To help you with this issue the roofers from Kissimmee Roofing Supply bring you a guide with what you need to know about a roof leak.


Who would have thought a roof could give you so many headaches. Every time it rains you find yourself constantly worrying about water coming in. When leaks start to appear they are a clear sign that your house needs work now, the quicker you act the more money you will save. Several issues can cause this problem and it is important to consider them for future repairs.

There are the signs you need to look for in order to get a clue about what is happening. Here we point out 5 common causes that lead to roof leaks:  

Broken shingles: The protective layer of your roof is made of shingles. This roofing material is designed to withstand harsh conditions but sometimes heavy weather can damage it. Once you notice warped or twisted shingles in the exterior of your roof it is time to invest in a replacement as soon as possible.

Clogged Gutters: If your gutter is dripping then it is not doing its job. The rainwater should be redirected by the gutter in order to avoid damage to the building’s structure. When you find a leak that means water found a way through the cracks into your house. Even after the rain stops it can cause deterioration of the roofing materials when it comes in contact with them.

You can find the blockage by checking if there are leaves sticking out of your gutter or if you see there is no water coming out of a downspout when it rains.

Damaged Flashing: Flashings are important roofing materials that protect your home. Its main function is to create a metal a barrier under the shingles of your roof. They are used to cover the corners and joints of your house in order to avoid potential weak spots. Damaged flashings can feature cracks because of corrosion.

Lost Shingles: Missing shingles commonly cause problems. Different colored-patches in your roof indicate the place where the shingle use to be. Routine inspections can be very helpful in preventing leaks ahead of time. The good news is that this can be repaired. In Kissimmee Roofing Supply we have an expert team of roofers that can fix this issue with the best equipment.

Cracked Vent Booting: Moisture can accumulate inside your house, and vents help expel the excess to create a better atmosphere. If you find dark spots and mustiness in this area then it is likely that there you have a leak present. Roof decay and damaged flashing are two of the reasons why this happens.


Water dripping because of roof decay
The only way to prevent roof leaks is to be informed

Roof leaks can turn into an emergency if you don’t fix them on time. Our team of roofers suggests that you take your time to track every leak. Some can be tough to locate due to the fact that they originate away from where the water shows up.

One advice from the Kissimmee Roofing Supply team is to think as if you were water running through the inside of your roof. Cracks, broken or loose roofing materials, are gateways for water to flow until it finds a place to drip down.

Looking around your house for stains, marks, discolorations on lumber or holes on your roof can be an overwhelming task that’s why we want to remind you that Kissimmee Roofing Supply has a team of expert roofers ready to give you a hand with your roof leak and to explain what you need to know about roof damage.

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