Oriented Strand Board is rapidly gaining popularity in the construction world. An increasing number of people are choosing it for DYI projects or renovation purposes. This versatile wood structure can be used for subfloors, wall sheathing, and roofs. OSB is taking over the wood market in America, becoming a favorite amongst costumers. Despite this fact, there are doubts surrounding its quality, which is why KRS roofing supply has prepared this guide that will help you learn more about this product.


Lumber is a great roofing material
OSB is a costumer favorite

Oriented strand board is a widely used structural wood panel used as sheathing in flooring, roof decking, and walls. It is manufactured from waterproof rectangular wood strands arranged in cross-oriental layers. This product is engineered to share some of the qualities seen in Plywood, such as strength and durability. Perfect for load-bearing applications due to the combination of its materials, it can resist delamination, deflection, and shape distortion coming from harsh weather conditions. OSB panels are also ideal for construction because their lightweight makes it easy to handle.

Developed over 60 years ago, it quickly became noticeable and started competing against other products available at the moment. It is made by using individual wood strands that are placed strategically for compression. The manufacture ratio is typically 95% wood to 5% wax and synthetic resin adhesives. Depending on the thickness required, the number of layers will vary. Heat activation is used to bond the strands using a thermal press. To achieve its impermeable capacity, additional layers are incorporated.

Manufacturers design Oriented Strand Board to be versatile, multifunctional, and resistant. In order to achieve these characteristics, a special type of wood is used, including southern yellow pine or mixed hardwood species. Logs are cut into strands, then dried, organized, and waxed. Panels are formed by grouping strands into big sheets that are then pressurized. OSB comes in several sizes that range from a quarter-inch to three-quarters of an inch. If you need another size that can be worked, talk to your contractor to arrange that request. In KRS roofing supply we offer this service.


Structural wood panel for construction
OSB is one of the most popular roofing materials

Since its arrival on the construction scene, OSB has gained popularity due to its cost-effectiveness. However some argue that this product is not resistant enough and may fall apart. Others compare it to Plywood, stating that it doesn’t have the same quality. The truth is both roofing materials share almost the same characteristics, although they compete in the market.

Plywood is known as the main material for construction purposes but OSB has proven to be a great option when it comes to wood sheathing. Both are equally durable and they share the similar functions, installation requirements and storage recommendations. This means that the two products perform the same structurally speaking, however they are not identical.

Although wood is the main material, their composition differs. Plywood is made from sheets of veneer that are cross-laminated, glued and later compress in high temperatures. Each layer is positioned perpendicularly to the adjacent layer, making it more stable and less likely to swell. OSB is produced from logs that are ground into thin wood strands positioned in alternating layers that mimic Plywood giving it stiffness and strength.

One common problem of wood products is their response to water exposure. OSB tends to swell around the edges and this can be visible through thing coverings such as roof shingles. This effect can be prevented when the indications provided by the Structural Board Association are followed: dry storage, proper installation, and roof ventilation. Irreversible swelling can be a downside but other measures can be taken during its manufacture and transportation process. Coating panel edges seem to help but there are some conditions that can’t be avoided, like humid weather, rain, or improper ventilation. The good news is that Oriented Strand Board panels take longer to get saturated by water but they also take longer to dry, which means it will degrade faster.


Oriented Strand Board available for you in KRS

If you have more doubts about this roofing material you can contact our team of roofers on Facebook. Oriented Strand Board is a great choice for your renovation project and you can find it at KRS roofing supply. We have great discounts in all of our merchandise, come check out what we have in store for you.

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