Getting ready to prevent roof damage in Hurricane season can be easier than you think. These storms are forces to reckon with, but there are safety measures that can be taken to protect yourself and your roof. Florida is one of the most affected states, and from June 1st to November 30th red flags are raised in order to prevent potential damage to buildings and properties. Our team in KRS roofing supply wants to guide you during this stressful time bringing you these 5 tips that will help you avoid roof damage.


Your home’s roof is the area that receives most of the impact from a Hurricane. Serious damage can come during this season, and it should be one of your top priorities to protect your house, after all, it is one of your major assets. These storms are capable of detaching a roof from its mainframe, but if you make a plan beforehand, you can prevent these situations.


Roof damage can be prevented before the storms

1. Perform an inspection

Yearly roof inspections are key to avoid roof damage. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, performing a thorough examination of flashings, mounted equipment, shingles and gutters will allow you to assess the conditions of your roof, and to determine if a repair or a replacement is needed. If you need help with this task, hiring a knowledgeable contractor is a great option. Professional roofers are prepared to look for signs of damage, making sure there are no rips, holes, distorted shingles and everything is properly attached.

The best moment to perform the inspection, according to our roofers, is before the hurricane season starts. This will give you enough time to fix things that need repairing.

2. Clean your Drainage Systems

When hurricanes come, rain will pour on your roof and this excessive amount of water needs to be managed properly. A clean gutter and drainage system is crucial because it conducts water from your roof to the ground effectively. Make sure to remove dirt and debris that accumulate in these areas.

3. Check you yard

Storms during this season can be dangerous because of the winds. Taking some time to check your yard to remove any object or debris that can fly around when these rapid winds is essential. Under these conditions, anything can become a projectile and your house is at risk of receiving the impact. Get rid of these items or move them to a safe space where they won’t cause damage.

4. Trim tree branches

Trees in your yard can be a threat during hurricanes. Trimming them if one of the most important safety measure you can take to protect your roof. Tree branches fly all over the place and can get to your house, damaging your shingles.

This step is often overlooked but it can be of great help. Go to your yard and check every tree. Look for vulnerable or loose branches and cut them down. When you finish, keep them at least six feet of your house.

5. Review your insurance policy

No matter how many tips you follow, the only certain thing is that you will never be safe when a hurricane comes. These storms are unpredictable, and their effects can be quite brutal. Always make sure you are financially covered. Your insurance policy should cover the cost of construction and roofing. Check your provider to see if your company will also you from floods.


Roofing supplies for your repairs

         Doing proper research is the best way to get ready for hurricane season. There is a lot of information available for you to prepare and make a plan that will protect your roof from any damage. If you need extra guidance, feel free to contact our roofers via WhatsApp 1-786-498-1682 or Facebook.

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